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Due to changes in eBay policy (requiring shipping costs to be stated in advance, which is impossible), if you pay immediately, in response to eBay's invoice, the amount for shipping and method of shipping might not be correct, especially where multiple wins, to be combined,  or single records of substantial value, are involved (eBay's estimate covers only uninsured Media Mail. This is . for records of minimal value, but I will not send valuable parcels in this manner, without buyer's express consent and assumption of risk of loss) My invoices to winners, after auctions close, and I have packed records sold  (following eBay's invoices), will provide correct charges and mailing options (postage and insurance are billed at their actual costs, according to each parcel's weight, value, and destination). There is also a possible problem about shipping addresses , where the address provided in eBay's "Your eBay item sold!" notice differs from that provided in PayPal's notice of payment. Records are packed when I receive the item sold notice, using that address. If I notice a different address in the payment notice, I'll use it. But, it's the buyer's responsibility to keep his data up to date and consistent, and if it's not, to let me know promptly.

The Sunglows - Popcorn / The CircusThe Sunglows - Popcorn / The CircusThe Sunglows - Popcorn / The CircusThe Sunglows - Popcorn / The Circus