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Hippasus’ discovery changed the course of Western mathematics. For one thing, it showed that the proportion of a square’s side and diagonal could not be described as a simple ratio, dooming the Pythagorean enterprise. For another, it showed that lines could not be described as a sequence of tiny points strung together, or else these points would serve as a common measure for all magnitudes. Discrete numbers and points, Hippasus proved, could never fully capture a world comprising continuous entities such as lines and surfaces. The only proper mathematical science, it followed, was geometry—the study of relations between continuous magnitudes.

The infinitesimal strain theory is commonly adopted in civil and mechanical engineering for the stress analysis of structures built from relatively stiff elastic materials like concrete and steel , since a common goal in the design of such structures is to minimize their deformation under typical loads .

But we found that there are serious issues with these conclusions. Essentially, all the studies ever done on this topic fail to account for other factors that may lead to those outcomes (health and IQ). For example, a mother’s high IQ predicts that her children will likely have higher IQ, but also that she will nurse them. Parents who use formula tend to be poorer and live in environments in which children have a tendency to experience more illness. It’s a classic chicken-and-egg dilemma. This problem could be prevented if randomized studies were done on this topic, but, understandably, those are considered unethical.

Infinitesimal - On The RoadInfinitesimal - On The RoadInfinitesimal - On The RoadInfinitesimal - On The Road